September 27, 2013 

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Katie’s Project

Charity’s prom assistance

is more than dance to teens

If you missed the Mr. Myrtle Beach fundraiser held recently at Revolutions Nightclub, you missed not only a fun evening, but a great opportunity to support one of our area’s most deserving charities, Katie’s Project.

I say that not simply because my marketing firm helped launch the program five years ago, but because of the scope of the project and its role in assisting area teens.For those of you who don’t know, Katie’s Project was born when Katie Rhoden, then a senior at St. James High School, hosted a style show and dress drive to obtain prom dresses for less-fortunate fellow students.

Enter Kathy Foxworth-Garrell who gave Katie more than a dozen gowns, and more importantly took the project to the next level. From the name honoring its founder to a professionally designed logo, to articles of incorporation and a 501(c)(3) designation, Kathy transitioned a one-time event into an ongoing program that today helps girls and guys in Horry and surrounding counties attend the prom, and other formal events, in style.

Mr. Myrtle Beach is the program’s major fundraiser, providing the funds and exposure necessary to perpetuate its growth.

For most teens, the prom is the “coming out” event of their high school years and according to some experts, plays a significant role in their social and psychological development. But the cost of the perfect dress or tuxedo, a limo, and pre-dance festivities rose in 2013 to a nationwide average of $1,139.

Thanks to Katie’s Project and all of those who support the program, the prom, a definite rite of passage, will continue in style.

Denise Blackburn-Gay,



Traffic solution: Extend

Postal Way to Tanger

As I was sitting at the light by Outback Steakhouse waiting to enter the Tanger Outlet on S.C. 501, I had a brilliant idea. Extend Postal Way from Carolina Forest Boulevard to the outlet. This extension would make it so much easier for Carolina Forest residents to get to Tanger. It would also help the flow of traffic along 501.

Business at the outlet would certainly increase. I can't believe that this extension hasn’t been done. It would be a great savings for everyone. Perhaps some of that 1cent sales tax could be used for that. There would be more cars using that extension in one day than cars using the Aynor bypass in a weekend.

Irene Klein



Cartoonist, op-ed author

off base in gun-law views

I bought the Sunday, Sept. 22 paper and got to the editorial page and was disgusted. The cartoon from Lee Judge was not funny. The NRA did not kill 1,400 people nor have I read that an NRA member killed anyone in any of the recent killings. So why doesn’t your paper get things right?

Then the op-ed by Rosa Brooks (“Blood on the Constitution”), was disgusting. She wrote the article under the same thing she critized, the Constitution. Her train got derailed when she said guns don't kill people, people do. She is right. The United States is fourth in the world in murders, but take away Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC, and New Orleans and we are fourth from the bottom of the world list. They are all run by Democrats and have the worst gun laws in the country. I would welcome a one-on-one debate with Miss Rosa.

I suppose she thinks that Obamacare is constituional?

W.T. Ramsey

Surfside Beach

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