Letter | Syndrome can mask students’ learning problems

August 14, 2013 

Re: Issac Bailey’s series, “More than a Game”

I have personally been dealing with a situation with my 12-year-old granddaughter that sounds similar to that of Clifton Geathers.

The solution was to have her tested by an Irlen screener and diagnostician. This corrects a unique perceptual processing problem, usually inherited. In her case, the words on the page swirl, float or run down the page in rivers. She is sensitive to light and gets frequent headaches.

It is my understanding that some students are misdiagnosed as having AD/HD or motivational issues, when in fact they have Irlen's syndrome. Helen Irlen, a teacher, discovered this method, which uses colored overlays or lenses to correct the disorder. For more information you can go to www.irlen.com.

My hope is that every school psychologist, administrator, guidance counselor and teacher will become familiar with this disorder in order to help our youth succeed.

Arlene Serretti


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