Letters | Pro, con on literacy series; Obamacare facts are easy to find

August 13, 2013 

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    M.H.Drew Carolina Shores, N.C.

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Family’s fight for reading skills

transcends NFL prowess

I am gobbling up the articles on the Geathers (Issac Bailey’s five-day series, “More than a Game”). What you are getting out there about their family is so important to all the families of South Carolina. What you are saying about education in South Carolina is so important to all the families of South Carolina. What you are saying about decisions the educational system must make is so important to all South Carolina and American families.

I was so worried that important topics/questions would no longer be available to Myrtle Beach families while Issac Bailey was away in Boston (on a nine-month Harvard fellowship). If articles like this and a book on the Geathers is to follow, my fears have been put to rest.

I will still miss Issac’s columns on a semi-weekly basis though. Many will.

Flossie Love Chapman

North Myrtle Beach

Athletes who can’t read

shouldn’t be honored

This week, The Sun News has carried stories about a football player family that is producing NFL players. Though this is certainly innteresting, I find it hard to understand how we can make heroes out of someone who manages to to go through grade school and high school without putting out the effort to even learn how to read or write.

I have a guestion. How on earth did this person gualify for any college? There are so many deserving students out there that come from underprivlaged families that would love to go to college but can't afford to. I don’t understand how we seem to make hereoes out of people just because of their athletic ability.

Dennis Ebert

Little River


Writer fails to back up

his health care claims

Re: Aug. 13 letter from John McNerney, “Hate Obama’s plan? Supply hard facts to prove why”

Mr. McNerney’s letter supporting Obamacare with his facts was quite amusing. He chastises “Obamacare-haters” who give their opinions without hard facts and actually tells them to stop writing letters to this newspaper.

After reading his lengthy complaints about opinion writers, I searched for his facts when he claims that Obamacare will not raise healthcare costs for millions of Americans. He further claims that in a number of states, health insurance will actually be reduced by 50 percent or more. Since he did not provide any sources of his claims, are we to take his word for the truth? He does not take anyone's opinion as fact, so why should we?

A fact does exist that the original cost ($900 billion) of Obamacare was kept under $1 trillion to get it passed with many deals with the Senate. It is now estimated to be over $1.76 trillion and climbing. Source: Congressional Budget Office or CBO.

I have not seen many valid claims that Obamacare will let you keep you current plan or costs for insurance will actually go down. Perhaps Mr. McNerney can provide some.

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