Letter | Control guns to control senseless killing

July 18, 2013 

In response to Trayvon Martin’s killing, columnist Issac Bailey seems to be angry about a lot of things.

I narrow down my anger to one fact. In this country, every idiot can run around with a loaded gun. I know taking guns off the streets wouldn’t stop bigots from being bigots or racists from being racists, but it would stop the senseless killing and give everyone a chance to live. We wouldn’t have to ask if it was racism or not.

But I know there’s no chance of that. I had well-educated people with good business careers tell me that they think it’s good that black people kill each other. Yes, I know it’s not acceptable to say the “N” word, but there are plenty who are thinking it and they have no interest in helping the innocent people in the black neighborhoods.

Bert Kuthe

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

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