Two men report being attacked while drinking beer in Myrtle Beach parking lot

troot@thesunnews.comJuly 18, 2013 

— Myrtle Beach police took a 41-year-old man into custody following an incident in a parking lot involving two other men, who were injured and intoxicated, according to a police report.

The victims, ages 59 and 51, told officers they were in the corner of the parking lot at 868 Oak Forest Lane having a beer at 11:22 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The older victim told police that he offered Francis Charles Coryer, 41, who is homeless, a beer and Coryer drank it then began yelling and acting crazy, according to the report. The victims and a witness told police they asked Coryer to leave because of his behavior.

Police learned Coryer stood up, pretended to leave and went to the older victim, picked up him and threw him to the ground, which caused him to hit and snap his shoulder, according to the report. The older victim told police he was in pain, so he remained on the ground with his eyes closed.

The younger victim told police that Coryer left the area, but soon returned with a 12-pack of beer and hit him in the head with a beer bottle, which caused a severe cut on his head, according to the report. Both men were taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center and officers were told they each required surgery for their injuries.

Both victims identified Coryer as the person who assaulted them and officers took him into custody at the scene, according to the report. Because Coryer was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and saliva coming from his mouth, police charged Coryer with disorderly conduct and being a danger to himself or others.

Officers wrote in the report they planned to seek arrest warrants from the Clerk of Court in connection with the assaults, according to the report. Coryer was being held at 7:45 a.m. Thursday on $262 cash bond on the disorderly charge.

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