Letter | Zimmerman case shows Its time to change culture

July 16, 2013 

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, and at the risk of being politically incorrect, I think it's time for an honest look at race in America today.

Many black spokespeople complain about racial profiling, causing confrontations with police and people like Mr.Zimmerman, a member of his neighborhood watch.

Why would that be? I believe it's because young black males commit crimes in numbers out of proportion to their percentage of the general population. It's time for black leaders to straighten out their youngsters. Stop telling them the white man is keeping them down and the world owes them something.

Instead, tell them to pull up their pants, put their hats on straight, stay in school and go to work. Stop making babies you can't or won't support. If you do impregnate a woman, don't just take off. Stay in the child's life and be responsible.

When the black crime rate goes down people's fears and suspicions will disappear. Why is it we don't hear about Chinese, German, Amish, etc. communities being profiled? It's not their color, it's because they live lawful, productive lives, raising their families, working hard, living the American Dream.

If race hustlers like Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson would steer their efforts in a positive direction rather than fomenting discontent, blacks could do the same thing.Then we would see an end to profiling.

Bob Soule

Myrtle Beach

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