Facebook page wants “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” canceled or ‘Myrtle’ removed from the title

dbryant@thesunnews.comMay 31, 2013 

Some locals are so upset by the way they say Myrtle Beach is portrayed to outsiders on “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” they have started a Facebook page trying to get the TV show off the air.

About 2,300 Facebook users have “liked” the page “Help Get ‘Myrtle Manor’ Cancelled,” which was created March 10, the day the second episode of the 10-show first season aired on TLC. The page has a goal of getting 10,000 likes “so we can give outsiders and potential tourists the correct view of our amazing city.”

The page says it was created by Myrtle Beach residents as an “online petition” aiming to get the show canceled or get “Myrtle” out of the title. It encourages Facebook users to like the page “if you support Myrtle Beach.”

The show, which is filmed in Patrick’s Mobile Home Park off Highway 15, documents the shenanigans of the park’s residents, including drinking, relationship drama and the struggle as the elder park owner hands the reigns over to his daughter.

TLC picked up “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” for a second season that will air in 2014. The first season ended in early May.

The page’s administrator declined to give his or her name for an interview for this story. TLC spokeswoman Shannon Martin declined to comment on the Facebook page and the chances of the show being canceled or changing its name.

Debate over the show swirled before the first episode ever aired March 3. Some locals say the behavior that is shown is not an accurate reflection of the city. Others say the show is funny and brushed off the concerns, saying TV viewers know that reality shows aren’t necessarily reality.

Patrick’s Mobile Home Park, with the recognizable pool and large “Myrtle Manor” sign from the show at the back of the park, has become an attraction, with hundreds of fans driving through there daily snapping photos, buying T-shirts and other souvenirs and chatting with the cast members.

Cecil Patrick, who owns the mobile home park, has said that the show being picked up for a second season should send a message to the naysayers.

The “Help Get ‘Myrtle Manor’ Cancelled” Facebook page says its effort isn’t about the people on the show or their character.

“It regards the way the show makes our city look to outsiders who have never been here,” the page says. “It is one look into one family/group of people in one area of Myrtle Beach. And in no way reflects what Myrtle Beach, as a whole, is like.”

Some commenters on the page throw their support behind the effort, while others defend the show and urge Facebook to cancel the anti-Myrtle Manor page, not the show.

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