Myrtle Beach area Realtors donate a day to charities

sjones@thesunnews.comMay 10, 2013 

Dozens of Keller Williams associates in Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet took time out Thursday to help in their communities.

The Myrtle Beach crew painted and cleaned the yard at the Disabled Veterans Center at 2987 Church St., while in Murrells Inlet, it was the Back Pack Buddies that got the benefit.

Maxine Dawes, a Realtor in the Murrells Inlet office, said that on Thursday some associates moved heavy boxes from a Back Pack Buddies work area to a storage area while others spent six hours packing weekend food for about 2,000 Grand Strand kids who might not otherwise get enough to eat. Each package included juice, vienna sausages, pudding or Jell-O, noodles and Pop Tarts, Dawes said.

“Mostly things they can eat without cooking,” Dawes said.

She said that all associates of the nationwide realty chain commit one day a year to give back to their communities.

“It’s something we can do in one day and see results,” Dawes said.

Keller Williams bills the day as RED Day, with RED an acronym for Renew, Energize and Donate.

This is the third year the Murrells Inlet office has pitched in at Back Pack Buddies. Dawes said the charity has a special place in her heart because she just can’t imagine that kids would have to go through a weekend without enough to eat. This year, some in the Murrells Inlet office are talking about giving more of their time to Back Pack Buddies.

It’s taxing work, Dawes said, but it’s worth it.

“You’re really, really tired,” she said, “but it’s a good tired.”

Robber’s roosted

After a delay to tweak the plan, the North Myrtle Beach passed the second reading of an amended and restated development plan for Robber’s Roost.

The overall plan, among other things, sets the number of retail and parking spaces at the shopping area. Additionally, the final version of the development ordinance reduced allowable wall signage from 2.5 square feet to 1.75 square feet per linear foot.

The final document also requires that HVAC systems be shielded from public view and that they can generate no more than 50 decibels of noise as measured 200 feet from the portion of the rear wall nearest the unit or the nearest residential property, whichever is closer.


Carolina Forest’s Waterford Plantation has begun the process to make itself a Firewise community, hoping to avoid wildfire destruction such as that that destroyed 26 condominium buildings in the Windsor Green section of Carolina Forest in March.

A Firewise designation will mean that residents have taken steps to protect their property from the same kind of tragedy, which can include such things as keeping any garden mulch at least five feet from their homes.

The South Carolina Forestry Commission and the Horry County fire chief conducted an assessment in Waterford Plantation Thursday and Friday. A plan of what’s needed for Firewise status will be presented to the Waterford Board of Directors.

Tighter regs in 2014

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has ordered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to tighten loan purchases beginning next year.

The two federal mortgage giants have been told that they must buy only loans that meet the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s criteria for “qualified mortgage” loans.

As of Jan. 10, FHFA said the two will no longer purchase loans subject to the consumer protection bureau’s “ability to repay” rule if the loans are not fully amortizing, have terms longer than 30 years or include points and fees in excess of 3 percent.

The excluded loans will include those with 40-year terms and interest-only loans.

The protection bureau has issued the new guidelines as part of its effort to protect borrowers and assure lenders they can operate safely.

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