Police charge Myrtle Beach High student with falsifying claim of relationship with assistant principal

troot@thesunnews.comMay 7, 2013 

A 17-year-old Myrtle Beach High School student who claimed she had an inappropriate relationship with an assistant principal is facing charges after a police investigation determined she fabricated the story.

Myrtle Beach police charged 17-year-old Hailee Marie Phillips on Monday with disturbing schools and obstructing justice. She was released the same day on $10,000 bail, according to court records. Police did not release details of the allegations Phillips is accused of making.

Horry County Schools spokeswoman Teal Harding said that the school official, who was on administrative leave with pay during the investigation, will return to duties Wednesday. Myrtle Beach police began an investigation into the alleged incident on Thursday.

Myrtle Beach police Capt. David Knipes said Tuesday that police received a call about Phillips possibly having an inappropriate relationship with a school administrator.

“A thorough investigation was completed which showed that there was no inappropriate relationship, and in fact the female student created and gave misinformation during the investigation, which in turn led to her arrest,” Knipes said.

It was unclear if Phillips had retained an attorney to represent her and she could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

Myrtle Beach attorney Fran Humphries, who had been retained by the victim, said his client appreciated the investigation by Myrtle Beach police into the incident.

“It’s so concerning that a complete fraudulent allegation made out of whole cloth could bring into jeopardy the career of a professional who has spent almost two decades in the service of our children with an exemplary record,” Humphries said. “We appreciate the diligence of law enforcement in seeking the truth in the face of what appeared to be terrible assertions. Their thorough investigation revealed not one ounce of truth in those allegations.”

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