Letter | Background checks no threat to gun owners

May 2, 2013 

I am a pro gun advocate; I believe there was a reason the Founders made it the Second Amendment. That said, I see no objection to thorough background checks. There is no imperative to take possession of a gun a week after you purchase it; it’s not like a car or food. There is not a reason in the world you cannot wait 30 or 45, or 60 days to take possession of your gun.

The current argument is that thorough background checks are a form of gun control. I submit that once the paperwork is filled out and is in the hands of the authorities they know you bought a gun, they know your address, etc., so why does a thorough check compromise you anymore than a cursory one?

I know the argument is that once the camel gets his nose under the tent you will eventually have the entire camel in there and this is true, gun control advocates are nothing if not persistent. They will persist for years, a little here and a little there until they get what they want.

I also am sick and tired of these gun control hypocrites using our guns by proxy. If you are so adamant against gun ownership I would say to you, post a “This is a gun free home” sign where it can be clearly seen by everyone. This would alert people that in order to rob you or hurt you or your family that they do not need a gun to do it, thereby cutting down on potential gun violence. You owe gun owners this much.

None of you will do this of course, will you? Because you know well that as long as we have guns you are protected. What hypocrites. Much of how you live your lives is climbing on the backs of others when it is of advantage to you.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.

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