Letter | Santee Cooper, clean up your mess

May 2, 2013 

Santee Cooper claims that their 81-acre coal ash pit area sits on a landform of clay thick enough to prevent seepage, backed by scientific research that proves that it does. Even if it did, a small hole in it would allow seepage. A bucket that leaks is soon empty.

I want to see a core drilled all the way down 300 feet deep that shows the layers of soil under the coal pit. Santee Cooper can drill the core and lay it out on their grounds for the public to inspect. I don’t believe that Santee Cooper can produce one such core, much less 20 random samples around and through the area. Even if it produced 20 such samples there could still be a pervious area in it.

As a child I played in my daddy’s canal when it was being dug in the Simpson Creek area of Horry County. It was a deep canal. It was very difficult to find some clay to make clay pottery bowls to bake in the sun. Horry County’s geology is sand, sandstone and quartz. The soil is mostly sandy loam. I have heard of coquina mines but I have never heard of a clay mine in Horry County.

The Peace Corps says that on a world basis that if one has food, clothing, shelter, heat, space, clean water and an automobile that one is wealthy. Clean water is too great a wealth to take a chance with. Clean water is priceless!

It will be very costly for Santee Cooper in the future to have to dig up their concrete cylinder and haul the whole 81 acres out of the area.

Too many scientists lie about their research or either the research is not valid or not reliable. I want to see cores drilled proving that Santee Cooper is not misleading the public. Better yet, Santee Cooper clean up your mess and haul the whole thing (mercury, arsenic, selenium and other heavy metals) out.

The writer lives in Conway.

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