Editorial | Clemmons Goes Above and Beyond

March 18, 2013 

Rep. Alan Clemmons of Myrtle Beach has always been one of the more ubiquitous faces about town. Whether a local civic meeting, charity event or Boy Scout ceremony, it’s not unusual to see his familiar face somewhere in the audience. So it perhaps wasn’t so surprising to hear that he was among the volunteers and emergency personnel at the Red Cross shelter Saturday night helping Carolina Forest residents cope with the aftermath of the brutal Windsor Green fire.

Besides offering simple comfort, we hear he also put his office to work helping Canadian visitors who had lost their passports in the fire navigate the bureaucratic maze necessary to replace them. The neighborhood is not in Clemmons’ district, and he certainly wouldn’t have been missed if he hadn’t shown up. He did not seek recognition or thanks. There were no press releases sent out or photos circulated of him helping residents, but we’re thankful and pleased that he did, and can’t let the action go by without notice.

Too many times we see our leaders only at election time or in political roles. Clemmons proved a true leader goes out of his way to help others, whether there’s any political advantage or not, and his constituents should be proud to have him as their representative.

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