U.S. foreign policy confounds

March 13, 2013 

I want to comment on several articles in the March 11 issue.

The front page headline was “U.S. seeks more foreign tourists” and references the president and his administration spending millions to lure foreign visitors; however, didn’t we just read that the White House is closed to public tours? Guess those foreign tourists who arrive in Washington, D.C., to take in some of the sites won’t have the White House on their bucket list.

Then over on page 4A there were two articles regarding Afghanistan. One about the U.S. and the Taliban plotting to keep troops in Afghanistan and the other about U.S. troops teaching Afghans to hunt for bombs. In the first, President Karzai is apparently saying the U.S. is working with the Taliban to keep our troops in his country and the second was saying that U.S. troops are doing their best to train up the Afghans to take over the crucial task of routine patrols to sweep the roads of bombs.

Why would we want to keep our troops in Afghanistan, noting that improvised bombs have killed more American troops than anything else since the war began 11 years ago? And, if Karzai wants us out and we continue, almost daily, to lose American soldiers, why are we still there?

Maybe someone can respond enlightening me.

The writer lives in Conway.

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