Why’s state lottery fine but not sweepstakes?

March 12, 2013 

How is it that lottery tickets are allowed here? How is it that sweepstakes are not allowed -- it’s considered corrupt? Lottery tickets can be sold throughout the Myrtle Beach area and yet nothing is done to stop that. It’s gambling!

Is it because the state gets revenue from lottery ticket sales that they are willing to overlook this form of gambling? Does such revenue make it any less gambling than at a sweepstakes? Perhaps if the state received revenue from the sweepstakes that type of gambling would be allowed. Where is the clear-cut line regarding the gambling industry?

People should be allowed to make a choice of how they wish to spend their money. Should the state have the right to determine whether an adult is allowed to choose their form of enjoyment? I understand not allowing things that will harm citizens. But if lottery tickets are allowed to be bought by these same hard-working people, why then should they not be allowed to take part in gaming at a sweepstakes?

The writer lives in Little River.

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