Shooting death

CCU newspaper chief | Coastal stands strong in face of tragedy

February 27, 2013 

Last night Coastal Carolina lost a young member of our community to a senseless act of violence.

Anthony Liddell, a sophomore from Bennettsville, was gunned down by an unknown assailant outside his apartment in University Place before the shooter fled the scene.

Anthony’s life was cut short tragically at the age of just 19, and while the event itself is tragic, what is even more troubling is thinking about what could have been.

Anthony was an honor student at Coastal Carolina with the potential to go on and accomplish great things. Sadly, we will never get to know what he could have been capable of.

He will never get the opportunity to graduate college, to find love and raise a family, to reach his full potential as a human being. And for what?

We have no details as to a motive for the shooting at this point, as authorities are still searching for the murderer, but I can assure you that whatever the reason it wasn’t worth this young man’s life.

What about his family? Oh my, what about his family? My thoughts and prayers, as well as those of every Coastal student, go out to Anthony’s family in this time of mourning.

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare to send her child off to college only to receive a phone call late one night informing her that her child has passed away. I can only imagine what they are thinking.

Parents aren’t supposed to have to bury their children, especially not because of a shooting that never should have happened in the first place.

While we mourn the loss of our fellow student, let us not forget about the shooter, as I am sure he is somewhere contemplating what he has done and the consequences he is now facing.

Not only was Anthony’s life ended Tuesday night, but whomever that person who shot him is, wherever he is, his life is now over as well.

He will only be able to hide for so long before he is captured by police and eventually brought to justice. One can only assume since he was hanging around a college campus that he is just as young as the boy he murdered, and his life will be cut short just the same.

It is a shame no matter which way you look at it, and while this shooting is the most heartbreaking event I have witnessed during my time as a Coastal Carolina student, the outpouring of support from fellow students I witnessed on campus and social media following the shooting really lifted my spirits.

Students all over campus came together to support each other in the time of uncertainty following the shooting, when no one really knew what was going on.

Faculty and staff were posted by the exits of buildings warning students who may not have heard about the danger, students gave each other rides home, even though they had never met before, in order to make sure they made it safely, and the support messages on Twitter were seemingly never ending.

While I wish this tragic event never happened, the support and love shown by students in its aftermath truly shows the spirit of our school and what we represent.

We are Coastal. We are #CCUnited.

Contact Fatzick, editor-in-chief of The Chanticleer, the student newspaper of Coastal Carolina University, at

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