Editorial | After tragedy at CCU

February 27, 2013 

Coastal Carolina University will open two new buildings this fall. The Student Recreation and Convocation Center will house a gymnasium, a recreation center for students and the college book store. The other is the Bryan Information Commons, an addition to Kimbel Library that's being touted as a 21st century library which is a technological contrast to the other side with traditional books. Photo by Steve Jessmore sjessmore@thesunnews.com

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  • To help To take part in a community conversation about violence or learn how you can help the effort, contact Bennie Swans at SwansBennie1@aol.com, 843-903-4939 or 843-251-2061.

Along with everybody connected to Coastal Carolina University, we mourn the senseless death of sophomore Anthony Liddell, shot Tuesday night at a university apartment complex a half-mile from the main campus.

Police continue to hunt for his killer and we expect more details will emerge in the coming days. In the meantime, we recoil at the violence that continues to touch our area and take our friends and neighbors from our grasp.

The tragedy once again brings home the need for a frank conversation about the causes of violence in our communities and what can be done to minimize its scourge. To that end, we would highlight once more the nascent work of local activist Bennie Swans, who is hoping to bring together “a huge think tank of smart people” to talk about the bloodshed and explore solutions. After we wrote about his work earlier this week, Swans said he received phone calls from, among others, CCU professors interested in taking part in the conversation. The group is now looking for venues and drawing up plans for schedules.

It’s a talk we urgently need to have, as Liddell’s death clearly demonstrates. Let’s not let this death pass as just another shooting. We can and should be better than that.

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