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Spending cuts stymied by Democrats

February 23, 2013 

Re Feb. 17 letter by James Norris, “Republicans the ones to blame for spending problem”

Mr. Norris, I am a Fox News viewer and we have very different views on the out of control spending by the federal government. You would like for everybody to forget that the Republicans have had control of the House for only the last two years of the last six and that public perception has forced them to raise the debt limit against their wishes. It was called the fiscal cliff and doomsday was predicted and it was going to be the fault of the House!

You have also left out that the cause of the debt is: “entitlement spending”! That can only be corrected by legislation or budgets passed by the House and the Senate or the Senate and the House and signed by President Obama. The House has passed budgets and legislation, sent them to the Senate and Sen. Reid has let them die without a vote and the president has not adopted or tried to help get any spending cut legislation passed in either body.

You are right when you say that we Republicans are concerned about our religion beliefs (I call them religious rights), our country (you call it flag waving) and you are wrong when you state that we are more concerned about our reproductive parts than the financial health of this great country. We Republicans are very concerned about the financial health of our country and about the murder of the unborn and the Democrats are more concerned about reproductive parts! We don’t care what you do with your reproductive parts as long as you don’t abort babies just because you don’t want them and expect us to pay for the abortion. We don’t want to pay for your contraceptives either!

I do not believe that Democrats do not love our country, but I do believe that most are not good with the economy. It is so hard for me to believe that you voted again for the same president that has given you four years of $3-plus gas, and we are into our fifth year! Your food has gone up, your power bills have gone up, your insurance has gone up, your health care is getting worse and unemployment has not changed much! When are you going to wake up?

Democrats don’t show any signs, that I can detect, of coming out of their trancelike state. He has you believing that we must address global warming. We have had global warming before man could have had any affect on it. The glacier was down to around North Carolina and we have had the ocean almost to Columbia over thousands of years! Do you really think that America should bite the bullet and let our economy keep on sinking in a feeble attempt to stop global warming while China and other countries keep on polluting? We need to develop our gas and oil and get this country back to being prosperous again and energy production is the best quick way.

This president has us so divided and disagreeing on so many fronts that are diversions that keep us from our real problem for right now, to save this great nation before it is too late. We are always going to disagree, as I do with Mr. Norris, because we all are passionate about our core beliefs and we are never going to give them up, but let us agree on saving this great nation through developing our natural resources. We can do much when this nation is wealthy again.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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