Teddy Turner would be a fine congressman

February 21, 2013 

A week doesn't pass that I'm not scratching my head at the rhetoric of Issac Bailey. Normally, I'm not easily riled, but I found his Feb. 20 column, “Parody or Politics in Charleston?” offensive.

He compares Myrtle Beach to Charleston and while both are wonderful destinations, their similarities are few. To compare the two on a historical level is laughable. As for the “pleasantly eccentric atmosphere,” Conde Nast magazine again named Charleston the best city in America for 2012. Charleston is one of the most hospitable and magical cities in the world. I encourage Mr. Bailey to revisit her.

With more venom to spew, he went after my Citadel classmate and 1st Congressional District candidate, Teddy Turner. Teddy is an honorable and hard working man and to suggest otherwise is deceptive at best. I would hope Mr. Bailey will get to know Teddy before he pops off again. As it’s apparent he doesn't, I assure Mr. Bailey that if elected, Rep. Turner would first find treatment for the addicted mother, then a job, fight for a better education for the 12 siblings, and finally track down and hold responsible the deadbeat dad(s).

The writer lives in Little River.

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