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Restore America’s values before it’s too late

February 19, 2013 

Re Feb. 11 letter by Judy Williams, “Immigrants, president deserve respect”

Ms. Williams spouts the predictable rhetoric of the left and the “just causes” they sanctimoniously champion to distract from their intended goal with her statement, “The majority of the country has spoken twice, making clear who and what path they wanted this country to follow. It was not Republican.”

If the truth be told, the “majority of the country” of which she speaks is rife with the ignorant and disengaged, who have become so entrenched in securing their own personal “entitlements,” from bloated pensions and retirement benefits (promised by their unions and now unsustainable because the end of the road is here and they must now pay the piper), to their self-proclaimed “right” to health care, welfare benefits, irresponsible mortgage and student loan “forgiveness,” free cell phones, contraception, abortions on demand and food stamps for everyone, to name a few, that the liberal Democrats promote.

Ms. Williams might want to consider that the progressive far left has a history of advancing their agenda by exploiting the weakest among us and preying on the well-intentioned, gullible and foolhardy populace to grow their ranks. They are making great strides by demonizing and vilifying the self-reliant, the responsible and the successful citizens (the “rich”) in our society and pandering to those who are more than happy to surrender themselves to big government to dictate their life choices for them under the guise of “for the greater good and welfare of the people.”

Regarding Ms. Williams’ statement, “The Republican leaders have adopted and encouraged a vitriolic atmosphere among its constituency directed at the president, which is both personal and disrespectful,” may I remind her of who, in fact, is in eternal campaign mode, using the bully pulpit at every opportunity to deride, demagogue, denigrate and vilify the Republicans in an attempt to win over more and destroy the Republican Party, as well as our way of life as we know it, in the process. With the overwhelmingly supportive, fawning mainstream media refusing to report on his blatant administrative policy failures, his out-of-control spending and massive expansion of government overreach in the private sector, his incompetent foreign policy and his unfounded accusations and outright lies to deflect his failures by blaming his opponents (i.e., Republicans), this president goes unchallenged and remains unaccountable for the mess he’s made of our country. The Republican leadership’s attempt to stop his destructive policies is neither personal nor disrespectful. It is their duty and obligation to their constituency, lest you forget that Republicans are also citizens and have the same right as you to voice opposition.

In conclusion, may I suggest that everybody take the time to do their due diligence. Research and learn from history to avoid the pitfalls of the past; take a long, hard look at the state of our nation, our rapidly deteriorating economy, our high unemployment rate, our deplorable educational system, our rapidly increasing dependency population, our obscene and unsustainable national debt, our widespread moral decline, our bankrupt and blighted cities resulting from decades of liberal Democratic control, our diminishing influence in a very dangerous and threatening world, and the abysmal future prospects for our children and grandchildren, while the Democrats stand in denial.

It is time to face the truth and re-examine our consciences and our personal behavior; time to restore honesty, honor, integrity, common sense, personal responsibility and self-reliance in our lives and take our country back from the elitist politicians who would stop at nothing to accomplish their self-serving goals and ambitions, before it is too late.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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