Weekly Tip With Brad Redding (Feb. 13)

Tip of the WeekFebruary 12, 2013 

Helmet head

Limited head movement in the golf swing is an important element because it produces better impact and speed. Jack Nicklaus’ coach, Jack Grout, used to grab a clump of his hair and hold his head still and hit golf balls. Well, that hurts and some golfers have so much head movement that I would likely pull out a clump hair completely. So I use a bicycle helmet. The helmet has slits that I can hold on to. After I have held them there for a few shots I will let them do it on their own. With the helmet on, they can feel and focus on the head movement and keep it to a minimum.

BRAD REDDING is the director of instruction at The Members Club at Grande Dunes and is a PGA Master Professional in Instruction. He can be reached at 843-913-1359, brad@bradreddinggolf.com or www.bradreddinggolf.com.

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