Immigration plan disrespecting real Americans

February 4, 2013 

Well, Mr. Barack Obama, according to a federal appeals court, you illegally violated the Constitution by appointing individuals to office out of session.

Now you want to grant all illegal immigrants American citizenship. Enough is enough. You disrespect all veterans.

For your information, Mr. Obama, we live under a capitalistic free enterprise system and not a dictatorial socialistic one. Who died and made you God?

The common language of our country is English and not Spanish. So if you do not want to learn and speak English you have no business being here. You cannot expect or force all native, natural-born American citizens to learn your language to communicate with you.”

All Asian and European countries, along with their native languages, teach their children English and also learn it themselves. Why can’t all Hispanic countries do the same?

All illegal immigrants must immediately be deported back to their native homelands, and Obama should be charged with conspiratorial and treasonable actions, attitudes, behavior, conduct and performance, and be impeached immediately, in lieu of execution, so according to the law.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.

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