Immigration is fine, if it’s legal

February 4, 2013 

It appears to me that the crux of the illegal immigration matter seems to be the word “illegal.” I’m fairly sure that this means a law has been broken and is not accepted under normal situations in this society. A law-abiding citizen expects or takes the chance that he might be punished if he breaks a law or participates in any illegal act. Obviously, if he is not a legal resident of this country this principle does not apply.

How many honest citizens are given a “redo” if they have knowingly been residing in an illegal environment for perhaps years? Does the fact that they ignore our laws and principles qualify them for disobeying our rules and regulations? I personally would not deny them an opportunity to share our great country and its wonderful culture, but let this come about by legal procedures. Send them home and have them apply as any other foreign individual might by following the proper procedures. If they have come into this country illegally they should have no problem getting back into their country legally.

Most of us are either born here legally or our forefathers came into this great nation under legal circumstances. Without question, these illegal immigrants have much to offer, but their admittance into this country has to be by the normal pathways. Wake up, America!

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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