Both sides hurting in church split

February 1, 2013 

Thank you to reporter Steve Jones for trying to give both sides in his article on the grief caused over the Episcopal Church split. There are a few things that the majority of people at Trinity would differ in perspective on from the article. I have been involved with many controversial votes over the years, and in every one there are some of those in the minority who always feel cheated. It is telling that there were only three of our hundreds of members who voiced those complaints.

Second, it seems a bit imbalanced to focus only on the hurt being felt by those who have decided to remain in the Episcopal Church. In the case of those who have remained instead in the diocese of South Carolina, the same pains can be felt. Despite that, we continue striving to be a healthy community of disciples redeemed by grace, loving God and our neighbor.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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