Volunteer: Pro-life advocates should do more than talk

January 24, 2013 

In a recent letter Cheryl Grant decried the death by abortion of “thousands of lives” each day (Jan. 12 letter, “Why no outcry about lives lost to abortion?”). I’m not sure her statistics are accurate but that isn’t pertinent to my reply.

Birth control is simple and safe, and often free. So we must assume that abortions are medically necessary; the client is drug addicted; financially unable to care for a baby or just irresponsible.

What is to happen to this baby who is born with a drug addiction or isn’t wanted by the mother?

Foster care is already so overwhelmed with abused and abandoned children. Adoption may not be easy if the baby isn’t well because of the mother’s lifestyle.

We give a few toys at Christmas, a few cans of food to shelters, and possibly a used winter coat and feel good about ourselves.

How many unwanted children will you care for? From experience I know how difficult this endeavor can be. It takes years to get abused or neglected children to feel safe and loved.

Right to life advocates would do well to volunteer in after school programs or shelters and help young girls make better choices. Surely, not getting pregnant is so much better than the trauma of an abortion.

The writer lives in Conway.

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