Obama offered hope at inauguration

January 23, 2013 

For the first time in years and years and years I feel there is hope and gladness in the United States of America. On Monday, I watched our president, Barrack Hussein Obama, be sworn in. His acceptance speech was positive, articulate, knowledgeable, forceful, and hopeful.

He made me smile and be glad I was an American. He spoke of equality for all, particularly gays, protecting our natural resources, leading the world, standing up for right against wrong and fighting global warming. President Obama thanked all Americans especially our teachers, firefighters, nurses, and personnel in uniform guarding us near and far.

Above all and far more reaching he touched deep inside my being, my soul, my honor as an American. He made me smile and believe that my children and grandchildren have the opportunity to live a happy, prosperous life if they strive and work. They can live the American dream.

There was no derisiveness in his voice. He spoke of unity and progress. He was not divisive. He invited all to join in rebuilding our nation. He was not apologetic. Obama did not dwell on the past but painted the picture of a bright, vibrant American future. He did not brag about his accomplishments nor was he condescending to his transgressors. He made me smile and know that there is hope in the world. He made me believe that hope is eternal. Thank you, President Obama.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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