Cats at SWA center cruelly treated

January 22, 2013 

My husband and I went to the recycling center on S.C. 9 in Longs last week only to find that someone from the SWA took it upon themselves to chase away the cats, bush hog the shrubs that protected them from predator animals and throw away their shelter (one of which I donated) and food. These cats keep the mice from the recycling center and provide us with the pleasure of knowing they are being taken care of as well as providing a valuable service to the recycling center. Some of my neighbors have adopted a few of the cats, so it serves many purposes.

To whoever did this, what goes around comes around. I hope you can sleep knowing that these protectors of the recycling center are sitting in the woods without protection. Are your pets protected from the weather, do they have food, have you dumped your pets somewhere far away from their home? Just remember, eyes are on you 24/7. You people have no heart.

The writer lives in Longs.

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