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Myrtle Beach opens new chapter of Pelicans baseball with Milovich hiring

mmckinnon@thesunnews.comJanuary 10, 2013 

— Pelicans chairman and managing partner Chuck Greenberg is excited to start a new chapter of Myrtle Beach baseball.

That chapter opened when Greenberg hired Andy Milovich as the Pelicans’ Vice President and General Manager on December 22.

Milovich, who spent the previous season as Executive Vice President of Palisades Baseball, was introduced to the Pelicans staff and fans during a welcoming press conference on Thursday.

“I knew I wanted Andy to be my guy as soon as I found out he was available,” Greenberg said. “... We’re so well-positioned. The trust we built with the community is something we’re very proud of. All the arrows are pointing forward and we’re just excited for whatever the future brings.”

Milovich is replacing former General Manager Scott Brown, who accepted the same position with Triple-A Charlotte (N.C.) Knights of the International League. Greenberg said Milovich has big shoes to fill, but he is certain that hiring Andy was the right thing to do.

“He’s outstanding,” Greenberg said of Milovich. “Very passionate, very positive person. He’s a teacher, and he’s very curious and he likes to have fun. He brings to the table all the qualities you would want. I’ve been really very proud of our staff, at all times, but particularly during the transition.

“[the staff] met him for the first time today and they were all excited. Everyone just connected immediately and that’s a testament to what a special person he is.”

Milovich, who could be considered as a people-pleaser, has his sights set on ensuring the fans and staff have the best experience possible.

“I think what my focus has been since my career has started is really focusing on the people,” Milovich said. “Whether that’s our staff, our gameday staff or the fans, I’m trying to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and we’re doing what we need to do. People who are coming to this ballpark are taking the time to invest their money in a gameday experience that allows them to kind of get away from any frustrations or challenges going on in their life. You hear people in our industry talking about taking a nine-inning vacation and that’s really how you have to treat it.

“For me, I’d like to have a lot of fun. I love a ballpark that has energy, I like to see people that are passionate about what they are doing.”

Milovich landed in the perfect position to do so.

“I’m just trying to bring some energy and creativity we had in the past and use that to build on the great success that they already have. We already have a great roster, a great staff and a great ballpark. If I can just take it to another level, that would ultimately be my goal.”

Milovich’s meeting with the Pelicans staff went well and he is eager about working with the group.

“I met with the staff this morning so I got to know everybody there. I talked to several of the staff members over the course of the last couple of weeks during this process, too,” Milovich said. “There’s also a few people I’ve known for a while, so there’s three or four people on the staff that I know fairly well and have a pretty good knowledge of. This is a great group, it really is an outstanding staff. Hopefully that pushes me to my success – the type of people we have in the front-office working everyday making sure the Pelicans deliver a great gameday experience.”

The reception that Milovich received in Myrtle Beach was nothing compared to his previous experiences, and Milovich has enjoyed the welcoming nature that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

“The thing that has been most overwhelming is how warm and welcoming everyone has been,” Milovich said. “Obviously the weather and ocean are great selling points, but the people are ultimately going to determine how my time here will be spent. Everyone’s been so positive since day one so I’m really excited to get this thing going.”

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