Myrtle Beach man accuses girlfriend of domestic violence, gets charged instead

mprabhu@thesunnews.comDecember 27, 2012 

— A Myrtle Beach man told police his girlfriend attempted to stab him when he tried to break up with her, but officers arrested him on domestic violence charges when they say his story didn’t add up.

Marvin Eugene Killian, 46, was charged with criminal domestic violence.

According to a Myrtle Beach police incident report, an officer responded to the 600 block of Chester Street at about 4 a.m. Thursday for a “suspicious call.”

The officer spoke with Killian who told police that he and his girlfriend have lived together for a couple of years and when he told her he wanted to break up, she tried to stab him, according to the report.

He said he hit her in self defense and got the knife from her. The officer said Killian had a cut on his jacket but it did not appear to be made by a knife, which was found in his pocket, according to the report.

The officer spoke with the woman who said Killian hit her in the face when she told him she no longer wanted to be in a relationship. A witness told the officer that he saw Killian and the woman arguing in front of his home and saw him hit her. The witness also told police that he never saw a knife but did see Killian rip his own jacket and say he would tell police the victim tried to stab him.

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