Editorial | Colbert’s Not the Only Comedian in S.C.

December 13, 2012 

Touché, governor.

After a relentless and popular grass-roots campaign by Comedy Central TV host and S.C. native Stephen Colbert to be named the replacement for Sen. Jim DeMint, Gov. Nikki Haley responded Thursday afternoon by saying she believes in doing her “full due diligence” and releasing her office’s background “vetting” of the comedian.

Haley’s riposte, which is clearly not intended to be serious, includes such negatives as the fact that the satirist had “his pronunciation of T’s surgically removed to sound more pretentious” and that he once petitioned to be named the “worst person in the world.”

It’s a nice reminder that our state’s leader isn’t all business all the time. She’s got a good sense of humor as well and can poke some fun at her job.

You made us smile Thursday, governor, and brightened our day a bit. Thanks.

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