Brad Redding’s Tip of the Week (Nov. 28)

November 27, 2012 

Hit it

I want the kids to hit the ball as soon as they can. In baseball, the most fun part of practice was batting practice. Standing in left field wasn’t much fun. The important part is I want them to develop the correct motion, have success early and have fun. So we start with a tennis racquet and ball. With the tennis ball teed up using a shaft and golf tee, they start hitting the ball with their dominate hand first. Starting with the tennis racquet at the top of their swing at an angle they swing through hitting the ball. I make sure they swing the racquet to a finish behind their head and back. Their weight is on their front foot and their back foot is up and finishing on their toe. I then will have them do it with their other hand with the same results.

BRAD REDDING is the Director of Instruction at The Members Club at Grande Dunes and is a PGA Master Professional in Instruction. He can be reached at 843-913-1359, or

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