Support for Obama misguided

November 20, 2012 

Re Nov. 17 letter by James Dunn, “Obama re-elected despite biased press”

I have had it up to here with the asinine statements made by folks like Mr. Dunn. He states that first the press was biased against Obama. I do not know what country he lives in or where he has been for the past four years, but that is such a misstatement that it is humorous. Anyone can see that the press is/was very liberal and very biased against Mr. Romney.

Obama did not kill Osama bin Laden; a very brave SEAL team did. They put their lives on the line and did the job. All Obama did was say “go get ’em.” That did not take much bravery and I doubt that he would have put his life on the line for his country.

And he saved the American economy!! Give me a break; tell that to the millions out of a job or who have stopped looking for one. He has spent so much money buying favors that our great grandkids will be paying it long after we all are gone. And putting someone in charge of a failing economy when that person has not so much as managed a lemonade stand is economic suicide.

I honestly think that Obama is not terribly fond of the United States and has no clue about or loyalty to our Constitution.

And to add insult to all this drivel, he states that we voted for Mr. Romney because Obama is black. That is typical victim mentality. I know many folks who voted for Mr. Romney because he is a fine man, a wonderful businessman who made good, a fine patriot. Making good is what this country is about and Obama seems to think that those who work and succeed need to support those who do not wish to do so. I do not care if Obama is black or comes from Mars. He was not the best choice. And since more than 80 percent of African-Americans voted for Obama, are you going to tell me that they did not vote for Romney because he is white?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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