Scraps from Myrtle Beach airport used to create artificial reefs

dbryant@thesunnews.comOctober 12, 2012 

MYRTLE BEACH Some of the scraps from the construction project at Myrtle Beach International Airport are being used to create artificial reefs off the Grand Strand coast.

About 500 tons of storm drainage concrete scrap that had to be dug up during construction of the new terminal is being donated to the S.C. Department of National Resources to drop in the Atlantic Ocean to create artificial reefs. The material is being dropped in the ocean from barges just offshore Horry and Georgetown counties.

“It will be enough concrete to create a full-scale habitat from the smallest plant life to the largest predators,” said Andrew Skiles with Greenwall Construction, which partnered with the airport on the project.

Scrap material from steel and concrete bridges and ex-military aircraft have been used to create reefs off the S.C. coast by providing a hard surface that attracts sponges, corals and other invertebrates for a marine habitat – a welcome sight for divers and fishermen.

“Myrtle Beach International Airport’s contribution not only provides benefits for the marine environment by enhancing fish habitat, but also benefits the state by enhancing recreational and commercial fishing and saving the airport money for disposal of scrap metal material,” Mike La Pier, Horry County’s airports director, said in a news release.

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