Despite moderator’s lack of control, Myrtle Beach area voters seemed pleased with first debate

bdickerson@thesunnews.comOctober 3, 2012 

— Forty-five minutes into the first televised 2012 presidential debate, Myrtle Beach area Democrat William Coates thought moderator Jim Lehrer did an excellent job of moving it along despite the onslaught of zingers fired by President Obama and Mitt Romney.

His tune changed once the debate was over.

“I definitely thought the moderator lost a little bit of control in the second half of the debate,” Coates said. “I hope in the next debate there’s a little more control ... and a little more detail in the questions.”

Despite that perceived lack of control at least one person, others felt the debate was a success for their respective candidate.

Mallory Morris, chairman of the Grand Strand Young Republicans, said she liked the plan Romney offered the young people of her generation, giving them hope they can move out of their parents’ basements and start a career.

“I’m pleased,” Morris said, adding that young people are suffering under Obama’s administration.

Horry County Democrat Milly Vaughn thought the debate turned out “absolutely wonderful” for Obama. She was particularly moved by how he talked about the importance of the middle class while not forgetting the other classes.

“(He said) ‘America does best when the middle class does best,’ and I thought that was excellent,” Vaughn said.

Gov. Nikki Haley, once thought to be a possible running mate for Romney, took to Twitter after the debate to praise the former Massachusetts governor’s performance.

“We saw a man with courage, leadership, strength, and a vision for America. Then we saw a man who "tried." The courage and leadership came from Governor Romney,” Haley tweeted.

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