Trio charged in connection with kidnapping, assault in Myrtle Beach

troot@thesunnews.comJuly 23, 2012 

A man and two women, who accused him of kidnapping and assault, were charged by Myrtle Beach police, according to authorities.

Billy Ray Boyette, 59, was charged with kidnapping when police arrested him on Cassandra Lane, while the two women, Michelle Lynn Filback, 35, and Raven Mishelle Beard, 22, were each charged later in the day, according to records. Filback was charged with resisting arrest and Beard with perjury, false information on a document.

The charges against the trio stemmed from Saturday when the women told police they asked Boyette, who they met in Florida, for a ride to Myrtle Beach.

According to the report, the two women said after meeting Boyette they asked him for a ride to Charleston before changing their minds and deciding to come to Myrtle Beach for all the attractions. Boyette reportedly told them he first had to go to North Carolina for a doctor’s appointment, and it was here they all got into a fight and he refused to give the women back their clothes.

Eventually, the women did get their possessions back and were stranded in N.C. for two days, the report stated. They later made up with Boyette and headed back to Myrtle Beach.

Things turned violent in the parking lot at 1930 Cassandra Lane in Myrtle Beach late Friday night after Boyette reportedly got upset over money. The women decided it was time to leave and they began getting their possessions out of his SUV. He became upset - not wanting them to leave - and hit one of the women in the face with a plastic beer pitcher, the report stated.

The man reportedly got on top of the woman, who had fallen to the ground, and started punching her. The second woman was able to get Boyette off her friend. Boyette said he was going to leave and started backing up his SUV as the women frantically started grabbing their belongings out of the vehicle and throwing them into the parking lot, the report stated.

As the man kept backing up, the women jumped onto the SUV’s bumper and held on as he sped down Cassandra Lane. When Boyette turned a corner, one of the women was thrown from the vehicle.

The second woman fell into the SUV’s trunk and begged the man to stop and let her out, as he reportedly ran stop signs, driving over medians and saying he was going to crash and kill them both, according to the report.

The woman had her cellphone and called 911. Boyette eventually stopped and let her out of the car.

Emergency medical officials responded to the scene, but the first woman treatment.

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