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McClatchy NewspapersJune 24, 2011 

This week's DVD releases include films about people on a mission to change their lives.

"Unknown" | B-plus

A man (Liam Neeson) wakes from a coma to discover someone has taken over his life. Director Jaume Collet-Serra has created a tantalizing cinematic puzzle based on the smart script by Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell.

As Neeson's wife, January Jones is the biggest flaw. The nature of her role requires aloofness, which comes off more as bland. Even when she shows a different side, she's lifeless next to Neeson, Frank Langella, Bruno Ganz and Diane Kruger.

Consider Jones' work a bump in a brilliant mystery.

"The Adjustment Bureau" | C

A politician (Matt Damon) discovers that life is often changed by a greater power. Emily Blunt co-stars.

"The Adjustment Bureau" ponders the theological question of whether everything we do is predestined or subject to free will. It's a lofty question that gets trivialized by an action story that tries to build suspense out of running down streets and going through doors.

"The Eagle" | C-minus

Two men go beyond the edge of the known world. Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell star.

"The Eagle" takes a less barbaric approach with its focus on honor and family. But the tactic fails because in between the emotional moments are scenes as cold and barren as the Scottish Highlands in winter.

Also new on DVD this week:

"Rocko's Modern Life: Season One": Features 26 adventures of an Australian wallaby and his pals.

"Medium: The Final Season": Patricia Arquette stars.

"The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season": Kyra Sedgwick stars in the cable detective series.

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