'Mass Effect 3' reaches higher

Kotaku.comJune 10, 2011 

— With the promise of more fluid combat, vicious melee attacks, tougher enemies and a nimbler Commander Shepard, "Mass Effect 3" is shaping up to be the game Bioware says will be definitive "Mass Effect" experience.

"'Mass Effect' was always designed as a trilogy," Bioware game director Casey Hudson said, "and 'Mass Effect 3' is the main event."

That means an overhaul of the combat, cover and mobility in the game, reworked enemies and weapons and new customizable powers.

It also means a different sort of narrative backdrop.

Where "Mass Effect" 2 was loosely structured around a "Dirty Dozen" storyline, its sequel will take a step back and have you gathering not individual members for a team, but commodities for the war effort.

"The large scale story and even the little missions, the little friendships you accumulate during the game contribute to the overall war effort," Hudson said. "The greater you do the better your chance of success."

"Mass Effect 3" will be about the galactic war that the game has been moving toward for two titles now.

The game also has a number of tweaks to the way you'll handle Commander Shepard. He will have a whole new level of mobility, Hudson said.

"You can climb things, leap across gaps," he said. "In combat you can roll in and out of cover or between cover. That really helps with the overall fluidity of combat.

"We're trying to make 'Mass Effect 3' the best of the series," he said. "It's about improving the moment to moment action, providing an epic conclusion to this storyline."

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