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    Tip of the Week With Brad Redding (Feb. 6)

    All golfers want and love to hit the golf ball farther. One of the key ingredients is for the golf club to travel faster. A lot of juniors don’t have the arm, wrist and finger strength to swing the club faster. As a result, they will try to use their body, which only leaves the club behind...


    Tip of the Week with Brad Redding (Jan. 16)

    I need to help juniors understand how a club face gets the golf ball into the air. Many juniors (and a lot of older golfers) try to “lift” the golf ball into the air, so they try to get under the golf ball. This motion exposes the sole to the ball, not the club face. I have developed...


    Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (Dec. 26)

    In the early development of a junior golfer I want to establish some fundamental movement skills. One of those is learning how to disassociate your body. This means your upper body and lower body turn in opposite directions in the golf swing. In the backswing, the upper body turns with minimal lower...


    Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (Sept. 19)

    Use a dozen-golf ball box or even a head cover for this tip. Set up with the toe of the club about 3 inches from the box. Hit balls and note where the impact is. If the impact is farther away from the box or you hit the box, make adjustments in distance at address and swing. As you get better, move...